Sam Rigden

Taking a leading Sussex carpentry business to
the next level with a full rebrand.

The Challenge:

Sam Rigden is a leading specialist in bespoke carpentry for Sussex and Brighton. Sam is the fifth generation of his family working in the industry and he wanted to ensure he did the family proud with a robust brand that would allow him to expand the business further whilst maintaining the family’s values.

What We Did:

Boostbery worked closely with Sam to understand exactly where he saw his business moving forward and how we could entwine the family’s values into the brand whilst giving him a strong independent reputation using a re-brand as the catalyst.

Fast-tracked online business success, through a well planned and executed re-brand.


Sam Rigden was totally re-branded, giving the company a strong, memorable look and feel backed up by a contemporary website showcasing the exquisite work delivered by Sam. We coupled the re-brand with a layer of marketing consultancy so Sam was able to fast track results online with a robust launch strategy.

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