London Aurum

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15 product design Awards

3,000 sales post brand launch

52 countries pre-ordering items

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Video

Entering the luxury swimwear market with a stylish brand.

London Aurum were keen to capitalise on a gap in the market with their range of high-end swimwear. A bold and established brand was created to convey a heritage look and feel with an elegant touch. This new brand successfully opened doors to awards within the fashion industry.

A beach ready brand

Having a background in the sports industry and a keen eye on designer fashion allowed the founders to spot an opportunity in the high-end luxury swimwear market. With extensive market research and product analysis a new brand was born that would set them apart from others.

London Aurum has gone on to receive thousands of pre-sale orders based on strategic marketing and branding. They also have acquired several investors after launching their new brand identity.

Client feedback

“Boostbery have been flawless in crafting our new brand.”

Boostbery are awesome. Since the first meeting, we haven't looked back and we are in love with our new brand. They have played an integral part in helping us make this idea become a reality and whilst it's a project in progress they have been flawless and we are now so close to launching our website!

A. Thomas

Founder | London Aurum

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