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Turning Website Visitors into Customers.

Getting a target market to visit your website can be difficult, however making them feel like they have landing in exactly the right place and giving them confidence to move forward with intent is a fine art.

Getting a target market to visit your website can be difficult, however making them feel like they have landing in exactly the right place and giving them confidence to move forward with intent is a fine art.

Our Boostbery creative analysts have decades of experience in turning online visitors to valued customers and we have picked their brains to come up with some key areas you can implement yourself to make huge positive gains with your online conversion rate.

It’s important to start by mentioning that previous experiences you may have had with your customers are essential in this process. There is nothing more valuable that historical data and evidence of what went well and maybe not so well.

So armed with historical experiences of how your own target market has reacted or received messages, campaigns and your services, here are several key areas to consider:

1. Carefully Crafted Landing Pages

To get visitors to your website it is common practice to run marketing campaigns to actually generate traffic, whether that be social media marketing, HTML emails or a well-planned paid advertising campaign.

All too often however the visitors end up landing on the homepage or a generic page within the site itself which can undo all of the good work getting them there in the first place.

To ensure that you have the best chance of not only maintaining the interest of visitors that land on your site, but look to convert them to customers, it is a far better option to tailor a landing page specifically for that campaign.

A little bit of effort up front can provide much greater returns once the campaign is launched due to the fact the page that visitors are landing on is truly aligned with their expectations and intent.

Landing pages
To convert visitors to customers, it is imperative that you tailor a landing page specifically for that purpose.

2. Above the Fold

During the design of your landing page/s, it is of paramount importance that you consider what is seen ‘above the fold’, which in layman’s terms is the first full screen view a user sees when landing before needing to scroll down or click a link.

The reason this initial ‘above the fold’ snapshot of the landing page is so important is because depending on how relevant the visitor thinks that initial page view is to them, depends on whether they actually choose to go further with their transaction on your site or leave altogether and never come back.

Ensuring that everything that needs to be seen by or at least referenced on that initial view is imperative and will dramatically increase your chances of converting. When we say ‘everything’ we are referring to things like:

  • Clear, relevant and engaging imagery
  • Meaningful and to the point straplines
  • Strategically positioned call to actions
  • Easy navigation or clear links to other relevant material
  • A way to contact you immediately.

3. Contextual Call to Actions

As mentioned above, it is essential to have call to actions above the fold and strategically scattered throughout the page, however adding context around the call to action can yet further push visitors to take the next step in becoming a customer.

Simply just adding generic ‘Find More’ or ‘Click for More’, can be dramatically enhanced by either adding context around the call to action for example ‘To take advantage of our 30% introductory offer for first time buyers click here‘. Alternatively add some content to the call to action itself, for example ‘Complete this Form for a Free Quote’ or ‘Download Your Starter Pack Today’.

We have seen huge uplifts in conversions just with a little bit of thought into the context and content around the call to action itself.

4. Online Chat or Real Time Support

This can sometimes be a contentious addition to a landing page, but we have found that the results seen, are dramatically better than not having it in place.

There are many solutions out there and some even provide automated responses or notify you that someone needs a response via email so you can then attend their needs immediately.

What we have noticed after many experiments with and without online chat, is that visitors are far more likely to send an anonymous message with a question after having been sent to a landing page they believe has what they are after, than go on to purchase an item or proceed with a service that they still have questions about.

It may be a simple question like do you ship internationally or are you open tomorrow, a question that would either go on to generate a sale if answered or have the visitor leave and never return if not.

5. Exit Intent Pop-ups

There is usually very little thought on an exit strategy for visitors to you landing page when in actual fact this may be the last chance you get to change their mind and make them see that you are the company for them.

Providing a simple pop-up to give the visitor some tangible and useful information or another option for them to move forward with you can be a last-ditch attempt to build a relationship, things like:

  • Exclusive Content in exchange for their email address or contact details.
  • Latest Offers & Sales specifically relevant for them today.
  • A final discounted offer, so rather than the initial 5%, its 10% if they proceed now.
  • Social Media Links & Requests.
  • Newsletter and ongoing information sign-up.
  • FREE things or services you are able to provide at no cost to them today.

6. Responsive Website Design

This may sound like an obvious point, but all too often very little thought goes into making a landing page or website truly interoperable and responsive on all devices.

After having worked with hundreds of businesses and being an integral part of their journeys to success, we have noticed that a growing number of views, decisions and transactions happen on a mobile.

So if you are looking to tick all of the boxes mentioned above, yet forget about how it looks on a mobile device it could all be for nothing.

7. Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics is without a doubt one of, if not the most powerful and useful analytical tool available on the market today. What it doesn’t measure, track, record and report on is not worth knowing.

However, of the websites that have it hooked in, only about 5% of users either refer to the data or actually know what this data means and can act on it.

This final piece of the puzzle is not only having Google Analytics integrated to your website or landing page, but actually using this data to improve on your page moving forward.

Let us help you convert visitors

Let us help you turn your visitors into customers.

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